Variations by Andrew and Julian Lloyd Webber

Things to do with an A Minor Caprice!

This album is based on the Paganini A minor caprice.

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Six out of ten. Probably, the only CD by the Lloyd Webbers that I'll ever buy as I'm not really into the "Cats" stuff.

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Better known for his Musical Theatre on London's West End, Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote this music, based on the Paganini A Minor Caprice, for his accomplished cellist brother Julian. Many composers have previously chosen the same solo violin work as the starting point for music in a wide variety of styles.

Julian Lloyd Webber is joined here by a group of rock musicians who perform the fifteen short pieces that make up Andrew Lloyd Webber's variations. The resultant pieces vary widely in tempo and feel and the style ranges from Jazz-Rock to Chamber Music.

When this first appeared on vinyl, a copy soon made it's way into just about every hi-fi dealer in the UK. There were two reasons for this, first of all, it appeals to a wide range of people and secondly, on vinyl at least, it has the property of making almost any record playing equipment sound at its best.

It's good to listen to and I think that it is worth its place on my shelf for sure but it's not great music. The whole album hangs together well enough but it seems to lack any real excitement or emotion. I think that Sky and Nigel Kennedy do this sort of thing better.