David Gilmour: David Gilmour

A collection of nine songs written and performed by Dave Gilmour away from the pressure of a disintegrating Pink Floyd.

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My Rating

Five out of ten.

It's OK but just not special.

My review

It is very interesting to note that the guitar and vocals sound rather more like Gilmour on the later post-Waters Floyd than on the contemporary Floyd albums. Indeed, some of the melodies and riffs appear in a very similar form on "The Division Bell". There are also one or two parts that are a little reminiscent of "The Wall".

Having said that, if you buy this album hoping to hear more music just like Pink Floyd, you will be disappointed. The album is just simple, relaxed rock. There is nothing ambitious or adventurous here and for me, that is the main weakness of the album.

Perhaps Gilmour was really trying to find his feet and as such, this is an interesting work as it carries pointers to his future direction.

I cannot really pick anything out as special, memorable or even bad. I suppose that the whole thing seems a little bland. Of course, the technical perfectionist within Gilmour does not permit anything bad and the whole thing is slickly crafted and well put together but it just doesn't have that much to say.