Arcadium: Breath Awhile

Sunk almost without trace.

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My Rating

Four out of ten.

Worth a listen but don't go and buy it.

My review

Arcadium could be described an an obscure late sixties British folk/ progressive/ pychedelic/ rock band and this CD contains fifty three minutes of what can certainly be described as obscure British folk/ progressive/ pychedelic/ rock music.

The music is light and tuneful and the production slick. It's nice to listen to but it all sounds alike, goes nowhere and never achieves anything other than sounding a lot like a lot of other bands of this time.

The difference was that those other bands managed to put some emotion into their music.

If you are into Kevin Ayers, Gong etc then you will no doubt be interested to listen to this but I cannot say that you will think that it was worth paying for the CD.