Wanted: Dead or Alive. Rutger Hauer, Gene Simmons, Gery Sherman (director) a jpoc movie review

All too predictable thriller.

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Five out of ten.

I picked this up from the budget bin in the duty free at Heathrow one weekend. Worth one viewing but no more.

My review

The most interesting thing to do with this film is to watch the first few minutes and then try to predict who will be left alive at the end.

I'm sorry to say that I got this right, it's so easy to predict what will happen.

The plot breaks no new ground. An Arab terrorist, Malik Al Rahim (Gene Simmons) enters the US with the intention of blowing up a Los Angeles chemical plant in revenge for the accident at Bhopal. The authorities persuade Nick Randall (Rutger Hauer) to come out of retirement to help hunt down his old nemesis. It's a kind of reversal of Blade Runner where Harison Ford is the cop dragged out of retirement to hunt down and kill Rutger Hauer.

The film deals up lots of action, it is fast paced and Rutger Hauer's sardonic wit helps to keep things moving along. Sadly, at no point does the film ever really create any sort of tension or suspense. Nor does the film really add any depth to the characters.

It's the sort of film that you will enjoy watching with a small group of friends a takeaway pizza and a six pack but the Lethal Weapon series do this kind of thing much better.