The Jackal: Gere, WIllis etc.

A remake of "The Day of the Jackal" which is OK as far as it goes but which is not a great film.

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My Rating

Four out of ten.

It's entertainment, not art.

My review

Remake or makeover?

As cop thrillers go, this film is better than average but it carries some heavy flaws. The film was slick and well made, it looked good though lacking art. The acting was as good as you would expect from Gere and Willis and the script was sharp. So what was wrong with this film?

The characterisation was too formulaic. Richard Gere was playing an Irish terrorist. A man who had seen active service with one of the most sophisticated and ruthless terrorist organisations ever seen. Yet, his character is portrayed as a light hearted folk hero.

At the same time, Bruce Willis, the Jackal is the most feared and skilfull assassin on the planet and yet he cannot stick to his job. He has to go out of his way to bait the cops and leave clues as to his intentions. If Gere's Declan Mulqueen is unlikely, Willis' Jackal is simply impossible. OK, derranged psychopaths may taunt their police pusuers but the worlds smartest assassin? I think not.

I thought that some of the violence in the film was not necessary for the plot. I always feel it's a shame if a director feels the need to try to extend the appeal of a film in this way.