Tesco's three bladed razors

An alternative to the Mach 3.

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JPOC Rating

Eight out of ten. Very good indeed.

My Review

Amidst all of the hype and the millions spent on the worldwide advertising campaign, it is easy to miss the fact that Gilette are not the only producer of three bladed razors.

The UK supermarket "Tesco" launched it's own version of this product last year. Interestingly, they are interchangeable with the Gilette Twin-bladed systems.

So, users of the older version of the Gilette system have the possibility to upgrade to or just try out a three bladed razor without the extra expense of the Gilette system.

How do they rate?

Well, I have not tried the Mach 3 system but I normally use Gilette twin bladed razors and the Tesco three bladed system is clearly superior to those.

It's more comfortable, gives a smoother shave, lasts longer and does the business in the areas that always have given me trouble.

So, they get the jpoc seal of approval.