Sony MDR-CD570

These are very good headphones indeed.

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JPOC Rating

Eight out of ten. Highly recommended.

My Review

As well as the sound, you must also consider comfort and these are the most comfortable "full size" headphones that I have ever come across.

For the level of performance, they are light in weight and have a very clever self adjusting mechanism which is also used on Sony's more expensive headphones. A lot of the weight is supported on the flexible headband and you hardly notice it. This means that there is much less clamping force required to keep everything in place which adds to the comfort. Also, the units flex so that they fit much better to your head. This helps again because the clamping force is evenly spread.

I can wear these headphones for hours on end without becoming uncomfortable or getting sticky and sweaty ears.

OK, so, they are good to wear but what about the sound?

Well, I have never heard a better defined bass register than this on any headphones and while decent loudspeaker systems can reproduce the notes just as well, few people will have experienced such precise definition especially with respect to position.

Instruments of all types and voices are all clear and distinct.

The cable is a long uncoiled affair and it, together with the terminations seem to be robust. The plug is a dual standard type and so it can be used on both portable and domestic systems though, the headphones are sufficiently large that I doubt many people would consider carrying them about.