Sony MDR-CD370

Not bad for the price.

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JPOC Rating

Six out of ten. Good value.

My Review

These are not so good as the 570's but then they are only half the price.

A little less comfortable to wear due the cheaper head band though it still uses the spring strap over the head. This means that the weight of the unit is not supported by the ears and you do not need to adjust the phones to your head. Also, this results in a lower clamping force which makes headphones a lot more comfoprtable around the ears. One other thing that they share with their more expensive cousins is the dual standard jack with screw on adaptor. This is a very useful feature.

In the recent hot weather, I found that I could only wear these for long enough to listen to one or two CDs. After that I was beginning to feel some discomfort.

The two main things that I noticed compared to the 570s are that the bass definition and coverage is not as good and there is less brightness in the upper registers.

They are still good enough to allow you to listen to music without feeling that they are obscuring anything. I like them a lot.

For what it's worth, most of my CD reviews are written after listening to the music through a pair of 370's.

They will certainly get the best out of any personal stereo but they are really a little too big to be truely portable.

Expect to pay DeM60-70 in Germany.