Hockenheim 2000, F1 GP of Germany jpoc's journey home. Splash!

My drive home was interesting because, when I stopped for fuel just after leaving the track, I was caught in the heaviest rain that I have ever seen in my life. Within seconds of getting out of the car, I was as wet as if I had just fallen in the Padersee.

Clearly, I could not drive back like that so what to do? Luckily, I had bought a souvenir T-shirt at the race so I drove to a quiet parkplatz and took off my jacket which I hung over the seat back. My shirt went over the other seat back and my shoes went in the passenger footwell. I stuffed one sock into each hot air vent on either side of the dashboard and folded my trousers up and placed them over the central hot air vent.

Heater on full and off I drove.

From outside the car, I just looked like a race fan heading home wearing a Hockenheim T-shirt and by the time I got back to Paderborn, my clothes were dry and I just needed to find a quiet place to place while I got dressed again.

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