VW Lupo Performance & Economy the jpoc view.

Around town, the car was OK. It had no problem keeping up with other traffic. Once out on the autobahn though, it felt quite slow. Beyond 120km, speed increased slowly indeed and, on the level, the car topped out at only 143km indicated. At that speed, the fuel gauge was plunging rapidly and I opted to cruise at around 130. A downhill section would see the speed increase to a little more than 160km. On the way home, the engine seemed a lot freeer and would hold 160km on the level and it would go on to hit the red line at about 170km down a gentle slope. Conversely, going uphill did not seem to slow us down as much as in some larger cars.

The fuel tank was far too small, 400km being about the limit when cruising soome way below flat out. Consumption was a disappointment too. Less than forty to the imperial gallon and really, that is about 20% worse than a mercedes A class which is a much more substantial car.

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