VW Lupo interior the jpoc view.

There is just about room for four adults to squeeze inside the rather low rent interior. There is lots of bare metal on display and probing fingers can even find some sharp edges.

The radio sounded OK but I found it impossible to tune so I was stuck with whatever it decided that I should listen to. Now, I'm a smart chap, I have a degree in computing and I can program my video recorder so a radio that I cannot tune to a station must have been designed to to be that way. You couldn't achieve this just by accident or stupidity. Perhaps it is a safety feature. Once the driver understands that poking buttons is unlikely to find the desired station, he will give up and concentrate on driving.

There was a rather flimsy looking spring loaded cup holder in the dash. Just the one as far as I could see so your passenger will have to take turns! There was no bottle holder and nowhere much to put your odds and ends. Just some net bags in the doors which are all very well but if you put your sweet wrappers in those they will drop through into the car. More sloppy work by people who design cars but never use them.

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