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Here is the Cross Reference Section of all of the Short Stories that are reviewed on my site. You can look up the authors alphabetically from the selections below.

You will notice that some authors have their own page and others are lumped together. This is because I do not want to maintain a separate page for each author especially as I will eventually cover short stories by hundreds of different authors many of whom will be featured for just one or two items.

In the case of authors for whom I have, or expect to have a number of story reviews, I have created separate pages.

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Saberhagen, Fred:"Mask of the Red Shift"Space Soldiers
Sargent, Pamela:"Clone Sister"Clones
Sawyer, Robert J.:"The Blue Planet"Year's Best SF 5
Shea, Michael:"The Autopsy"Aliens Among Us
Sheckley, Robert:all stories cross reference page
Sheffield, Charles:"Georgia on My Mind"The New Hugo Winners V4
Sheffield, Charles:"Out of Copyright"Clones
Sheffield, Charles:"Trapalanda"Timegates
Sheldon, Raccoona (James Tiptree Jr.):"The Screwfly Solution"Armageddons
Shepard, Lucius:"Barnacle Bill the Spacer"The New Hugo Winners V4
Shepard, Lucius"Salvador"Future War
Shiner, Lewis:"Scales"Alien Sex
Shirley, John:"The Belonging Kind (with William Gibson)Burning Chrome
Silverberg, Robert:"Hot Times in Magma City"Year's Best SF
Silverberg, Robert:"The Reality Trip"Aliens Among Us
Silverberg, Robert:"The Reality Trip"Off Limits
Slonczewski, Joan:"Microbe"Year's Best SF
Smith, Cordwainer:"A Planet Named Shayol"Genometry
Soukup, Martha:"Fetish"Off Limits
Spencer, William Browning:"Downloading Midnight"Year's Best SF
Stableford, Brian M.:"Ashes and Tombstones"Year's Best SF 5
Stableford, Brian:"In the House of Mourning"Year's Best SF 2
Stableford, Brian:"In the House of Mourning"Off Limits
Stableford, Brian:"Sexual Chemistry"Interzone, the third Anthology
Stableford, Brian:"The Pipes of Pan"Genometry
Stapleford, Brian:"The Unkindness of Ravens"The Best of Interzone
Steele, Allen:"Doblin's Lecture"Year's Best SF 2
Steele, Allen:"The War Memorial"Future War
Sterling, Bruce:all stories cross reference page
Sturgeon, Theodore:"The Other Celia"Aliens Among Us
Suga, Hiroe:"Freckled Figure"Year's Best SF 5
Sussex, Lucy:"The Queen of Erewhon"Year's Best SF 5
Swanwick, Michael:"Ancient Engines"Year's Best SF 5
Swanwick, Michael:"Dogfight" (With William Gibson)Burning Chrome
Swanwick, Michael:"Foresight"Interzone, the third Anthology
Tiptree, James Jr.:"I'm Too Big But I Love to Play"Aliens Among Us
Tiptree, James Jr:"And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side"Alien Sex
Tiptree, James Jr:"The Man Who Walked Home"Timegates
Turtledove, Harry:"Down in the Bottomlands"The New Hugo Winners V4
Tuttle, Lisa:"Background: The Dream"Off Limits
Tuttle, Lisa:"Husbands"Alien Sex
Tuttle, Lisa:"Memories of the Body"Interzone, the third Anthology
Varley, John:"Air Raid"Timegates
Varley, John:"The Phantom of Kansas"Clones
Wade, Susan:"The Tattooist"Off Limits
Waldrop, Howard:"...The World, as We Know't"Armageddons
Watson, Ian:"Ahead"The Best of Interzone
Wilber, Rick:"War Bride"Alien Sex
Wilder, Cherry:"Bird on a Time Branch"The Best of Interzone
Wilder, Cherry:"The Decline of Sunshine."Interzone, the third Anthology
Wilhelm, Kate:"Forget Luck"Year's Best SF 2
Wilhelm, Kate:"Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang"Clones
Williams, Liz:"The Blood Thieves"Interzone magazine No.160
Willis, Connie:"All My Darling Daughters"Alien Sex
Willis, Connie:"Death on the Nile"The New Hugo Winners V4
Willis, Connie:"Even the Queen"The New Hugo Winners V4
Willis, Connie:"Nonstop to Portales"Year's Best SF 2
Wilson, Peter Lamborn:"Fountain of Time"Interzone, the third Anthology
Wohleber, Curt:"100 Candles"Year's Best SF 5
Wolfe, Gene:"Counting Cats in Zanzibar"Year's Best SF 2
Wolfe, Gene:"Has Anybody Seen Junie Moon?"Year's Best SF 5
Wolfe, Gene:"The Hero as Werwolf"Aliens Among Us
Wolfe, Gene:"The Ziggurat"Year's Best SF
Wolverton, David:"After a Lean Winter"Year's Best SF 2
Yolen Jane & Haldeman, Joe:"Sextraterrestrials"Off Limits
Zelazny, Roger:"The Three Descents of Jeremy Baker"Year's Best SF
Zettel, Sarah:"Kinds of Strangers"Year's Best SF 5
Zivkovic, Zoran:"The Bookshop"Interzone magazine No.160

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