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Here is the Cross Reference Section of all of the Short Stories that are reviewed on my site. You can look up the authors alphabetically from the selections below.

You will notice that some authors have their own page and others are lumped together. This is because I do not want to maintain a separate page for each author especially as I will eventually cover short stories by hundreds of different authors many of whom will be featured for just one or two items.

In the case of authors for whom I have, or expect to have a number of story reviews, I have created separate pages.

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MacDonald, Ian:"Winning"Zenith 2
MacLeod, Ian R.:"Past Magic"Clones
MacLeod, Ian R.:"The Family Football"The Best of Interzone
Malartre, Elizabeth:"Evolution Never Sleeps"Year's Best SF 5
Malzberg, Barry N. & Koja, Kathay:"Ursus Triad, Later"Off Limits
Malzberg, Barry N.:"Shiva"Year's Best SF 5
Marusek, David:all stories cross reference page
Matheson, Richard Christian:"Arousal"Alien Sex
Matheson, Richard Christian:"Oral"Off Limits
McAllister, Bruce:"Captain China"Off Limits
McAllister, Bruce:"When the Fathers Go"Alien Sex
McAuley, Paul J. & Newman, Kim:"Residuals"Aliens Among Us
McAuley, Paul J.:"Second Skin"Future War
McAuley, Paul J.:"The Gardens of Saturn"Space Soldiers
McAuley, Paul J.:"The Invisible Country"Genometry
McAuley, Paul J:"Karl and the Ogre"Interzone, the third Anthology
McDevitt, Jack:"Time's Arrow"Timegates
McDonald , Ian:"Floating Dogs"Future War
McDonald, Ian:"Gardinias"Zenith
McDonald, Ian:"Recording Angel"Nanotech
McKenna, Bridget:"Hole in the Wall"Timegates
McKenna, Richard:"The Secret Place"Timegates
McKillip, Patricia A.:"Wonders of the Invisible World"Year's Best SF
McMullen, Sean:"A Ring of Green Fire"The Best of Interzone
Meaney, John:"Sharp Tang"The Best of Interzone
Meynard, Yves:"Tobacco Words"Year's Best SF 2
Moorock, Michael:"The Cairene Purse"Zenith 2
Murphy, Pat:"His Vegetable Wife"Interzone, the third Anthology
Murphy, Pat:"Love and Sex Among the Invertebrates"Alien Sex
Nelson, Ray:"Eight o'clock in the Morning"Aliens Among Us
Newman, Kim & McAuley, Paul J.:"Residuals"Aliens Among Us
Newman, Kim:"Slow News Day"The Best of Interzone
Newman, Kim:"The Next-But-One Man"Interzone, the third Anthology
Niven, Larry:"Inconstant Moon"Armageddons
Niven, Larry:"Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex"Alien Sex
Nordley, G.David:"Democritus' Violin"Year's Best SF 5
O'Driscoll, Mike:"The Future of birds"Off Limits
Oats, Joyce Carol:"The Dream-Catcher"Off Limits
Park, Paul:"The Tourist"The Best of Interzone
Pohl, Frederik:"Fermi and Frost"Armageddons
Pohl, Frederik:"The Kindly Isle"Genometry
Purdom, Tom:"Fossil Games"Year's Best SF 5
Purdom, Tom:"Legacies"Space Soldiers
Reed, Robert:"Decency"Aliens Among Us
Reed, Robert:"First Tuesday"Year's Best SF 2
Reed, Robert:"Game of the Century"Year's Best SF 5
Reed, Robert:"Savior"Space Soldiers
Reed, Robert:"Whiptail"Genometry
Reynolds, Alastair:"Galactic North"Space Soldiers
Reynolds, Alastair:"Spirey and the Queen"Future War
Robinson, Kim Stanley:"Sexual Dimorphism"Year's Best SF 5
Rucker, Rudy:"Big Jelly" (with Bruce Sterling)A Good Old Fashioned Future
Rucker, Rudy:"Storming the Cosmos" (with Bruce Sterling)Globalhead
Russ, Joanna:"Invasion"Year's Best SF 2
Russell, Eric Frank:all stories cross reference page
Ryman, Geoff:"Everywhere"Year's Best SF 5
Ryman, Geoff:"Omnisexual"Alien Sex
Ryman, Geoff:"Warmth"The Best of Interzone

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