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Here is the Cross Reference Section of all of the Short Stories that are reviewed on my site. You can look up the authors alphabetically from the selections below.

You will notice that some authors have their own page and others are lumped together. This is because I do not want to maintain a separate page for each author especially as I will eventually cover short stories by hundreds of different authors many of whom will be featured for just one or two items.

In the case of authors for whom I have, or expect to have a number of story reviews, I have created separate pages.

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Farmer, Philip Jose:"The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod"Alien Sex
Finch, Sheila:"Out of the Mouths"Year's Best SF 2
Fintushel, Eliot:"Popeye and Pops Watch the Evening World Report"Aliens Among Us
Flynn, Michael F.:"Remembeer'd Kisses"Nanotech
Fowler, Karen Joy:"Heartland"Interzone, the third Anthology
Gaiman, Neil:"Eaten (Scenes From a Moving Picture)"Off Limits
Garnet, David S:"The Only One"Interzone, the third Anthology
Garnett, David S:"Off the Track"The Best of Interzone
Gentle, Mary:"Human Waste"The Best of Interzone
Gibson, William:all stories cross reference page
Goonan, Kathleen Ann:"Sunflowers"Nanotech
Goonan, Kathleen Ann:"The Bride of Elvis"Year's Best SF 2
Greenland, Colin:"A Passion for Lord Pierrot"Zenith 2
Greenland, Colin:"The Traveller"Zenith
Gribbin, John:"Insight"Zenith 2
Griffith, Nichola:"Song of Bullfrogs, Cry of Geese"The Best of Interzone
Gunn, Eileen:"Stable Strategies for Middle Management"Genometry
Haldeman, Joe & Yolen Jane:"Sextraterrestrials"Off Limits
Haldeman, Joe:"Anniversary Project"Timegates
Haldeman, Joe:"Blood Sisters"Clones
Haldeman, Joe:"For White Hill"Year's Best SF
Haldeman, Joe:"The Private War of Pirvate Jacob"Future War
Haldeman, Joe:"Time Piece"Space Soldiers
Hamilton, Peter:all stories cross reference page
Hand, Elizabeth:"In the Month of Athyr"Off Limits
Holdstock, Robert:"Time of the Tree"Zenith
Ings, Simon D.:"Different Cities"Zenith 2
Ings, Simon:"Grand Prix"Off Limits
Jeapes, Ben:"The Data Class"The Best of Interzone
Jeter, K.W.:all stories cross reference page
Jones, Gwyneth:"Red Sonja and Lessingham in Dreamland"Year's Best SF 2
Jones, Gwyneth:"Red Sonja and Lessingham in Dreamland"Off Limits
Joyce, Graham:"Eat Reecebread"The Best of Interzone
Kadrey, Richard:"Goodbye Houston Street Goodbye"Interzone, the third Anthology
Kagan, Janet:"The Nutcracker Coup"The New Hugo Winners V4
Kaiine John:"Dolly Sodom"Off Limits
Kelly, James Patrick:"Breakaway, Backdown"Year's Best SF 2
Kelly, James Patrick:"Think Like a Dinosaur"Year's Best SF
Kennedy, Leigh:"Her Furry Face"Alien Sex
Kessel, John:"The Moral Bullet" (with Bruce Sterling)Globalhead
Kilworth, Garry:"The Scultptor"The Best of Interzone
Kilworth, Gary:"X-calibre"Zenith 2
Kilworth,Gary:"White Noise"Zenith
King, William:"Skyrider"Zenith
Knight, Damon:"Arachon"Timegates
Knight, Damon:"Life Edit"Year's Best SF 2
Knight, Damon:"Mary"Clones
Koja, Kathay & Malzberg, Barry N.:"Ursus Triad, Later"Off Limits
Kornbluth, C.M.:"The Mindworm"Aliens Among Us
Kress, Nancy:"Beggars in Spain"The New Hugo Winners V4
Kress, Nancy:"Evolution"Armageddons
Kress, Nancy:"Evolution"Year's Best SF
Kress, Nancy:"Margin of Error"Nanotech
Kress, Nancy:"The Price of Oranges"Timegates
Lafferty, R.A.:"Among the Hairy Earthmen"Aliens Among Us
Lafferty, R.A.:"The Hole in the Corner"Timegates
Landis, Geoffrey A.:"The Last Sunset"Armageddons
Landis, Geoffrey A.:"Willy in the Nano-Lab"Nanotech
Landis, Geoffrey:"A Walk in the Sun"The New Hugo Winners V4
Landis, Geofrey A.:"Rovik's War"Future War
Langford, David:"Cube Root"Interzone, the third Anthology
Langford, David:"The Net of Babel"The Best of Interzone
Langford, David:"The Spear of the Sun"Year's Best SF 2
Lannes, Roberta:"His Angel"Off Limits
Lannes, Roberta:"Saving the World at the New Moon Motel"Alien Sex
Lawson, Chris:"Written in Blood"Genometry
Lawson, Chris:"Written in Blood"Year's Best SF 5
Le Guin, Ursula K.:"Another Story"Timegates
Le Guin, Ursula K.:"Coming of Age in Karhide"Year's Best SF
Le Guin, Ursula K.:"Nine Lives"Clones
Lee, Ian:"Pigs, mostly"The Best of Interzone
Lee, Mary Soon:"Lifework"Year's Best SF 5
Leiber, Fritz Moon:"Duel"Space Soldiers
Leiber, Fritz:"A Pail of Air"Armageddons
Lerner, Fred:"Rosetta Stone"Year's Best SF 5

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