Trink Gut: Where to buy beer in Paderborn


Mo-Sat: Open until as late as the shopping hours allow.

Of course, you can buy beer almost anywhere in Germany but all outlets are not equal. My favourite source in Paderborn is Trink Gut which almost certainly does not really translate as "Beer Belly" but that works for me.

Unlike most Getraenk Markts in Germany, they sell a good range of wines, spirits and other products as well as beer and minerals but the Beer is what this page is for.

Even by the standards of most German specialists, these folks have a very impressive range of beers from both the usual German producers and a select group of foreign beers. How many different beers from Prague do you want?

If it is what you want, you can also buy things like signature glasses for your favourite brew. Yes, you can pay two Euro and look like you stole something from the local bar!

The prices are good too. The beers that you will find in the supermarket are cheaper here and the exotics are a lot cheaper than anything that you will find in supermarkets.

The same pricing is true for other products. They do not match the budget wines in the Plus but they have a wide range of spirits and more expensive wines.

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