Sala Thai Restaurant Paderborn

When you enter this establishment, you will realise that, even for a Thai restaurant, the decor is, to say the least, a little overdone. It starts with the bejewelled lions and continues with enthusiasm.

When I went on a Saturday lunchtime they were far from busy but the service was slow anyway.

I was left to my own devices to find a table and, if there was a non-smoking section, it was far from obvious.

I opted for the a la carte choice though there was also the option of an "all sneeze on the food together" style buffet.

My soup, chicken and coconut, was described as hot but it was mild to an English palate conditioned by many Indian restaurants in Blighty. It was OK but some of the vegetables seemed to be rather past their best and tough.

The main course, of duck, was very good indeed. There were generous portions and lots of interesting flavours. Despite the large portions I was sad when there was no more to eat, it was that good.

All plastic cards accepted and there were English menus but the staff spoke only German. It cost me thirty three marks for two courses and a beer which seemed fair.

Definitely recommended as the best Thai in town and worth several visits.

Sala Thai Restaurant Paderborn

12:00-15:00 & 18:00-24:00

Koenig Str 33

33098 Paderborn

05251 25326

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