Public transport in Paderborn. the jpoc guide
Public transport in Paderborn sucks. It's bad luck if you live there and do not have a car. There are buses and a train station but the whole system is badly flawed especially when compared to most other German cities.

One problem with the buses is that the drivers are very poorly trained in terms of the tickets that they are supposed to sell. I have in the past paid three different prices for the same trip, on the same bus at the same time of the day, in the same week because the drivers didn't understand the tariff zones and had different interpretations of what constituted a short journey.

The drivers also come from the "I'm going now and I don't care if you are just three metres away and running, that's your problem" school of passenger care as opposed to being willing to stop even after they have begun to move off which is common in other parts of Germany.

Another problem is the infrastructure for the bus stops and routes in the centre of Paderborn. There is an underground Bus Station below the shops in the centre of the city but whenever I have looked in, it has always been a bit dark, uninviting and smelling of urine and there rarely seem to be many people there. The busiest stops are by the railway station and they strike me as being pretty dangerous. They are on a very busy road and the pavements and laybyes at the bus stops are too narrow. The sight of a pavement packed with people and a bus squeezing in to its narrow bay with just a few centimetres of space between the bus and the people does not make me feel safe. I guess that they do not have lots of accidents there but it certainly looks as though they could.

The main problems with the trains in Paderborn is that they don't seem to go anyplace. To reach anywhere, you must first catch a train to Kassel, Hanover, Dortmund or Hamburg and all too often, you have to change once or twice even to do that! What can be worse is if you discover that your route takes you in a big loop around the countryside and stops everywhere. You can then start your journey with a two hour ride that has an equivalent point to point speed of less than forty km/hour.

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