PC Concept Paderborn

Well, no sooner did I post this than they moved. At least, it can't have been too difficult shifting all those empty boxes. I'll post an update when I have had the chance to visit the new shop.


Ferdinandstr 4
33102 Paderborn
Tel: (05251) 1057 0
Mo-Sat: Opens and close late but at unpredictable times

Also, they often close for bridge days and the following Saturday if the bridge day is a Friday.


What can you say about a shop that has, in its window, an old cardboard box wrapped in white paper with a screen filter tacked on the front with a photocopy (not even colour) of a windows screen shot stuck on as a simulated monitor? The window also contains lots of empty boxes. It's not that the contents have been removed to deter theft or anything. They are empty and the shop doesn't have the actual item in stock.

Shopping experience

This is so frustrating. Not long after I arrived in Paderborn, I wanted to buy a certain model of Pioneer DVD-ROM drive. There it was in the window at PC-Concept. I went in, cash in hand. "I'd like to buy a DVD-ROM like the one in the window." I was told "It's just an empty box. We can probably get it in a week or two."

I did manage to buy something from them once though only on a temporary basis. I was looking for a PCI VGA card and they happened to have one in their cupboard! It was a little expensive but it was a decent card so I bought it. The card didn't work in my PC and it didn't work in another one that I tried. I took it back and they told me that there was something wrong with my PC. To demonstrate this they plugged it in to one of their PCs and it didn't work there either! They then told me that there was something wrong with their PC too.

Eventually, they took the card back and after two months they finally agreed to give me my money back. They were polite most of the time but really I can see no reason for going there unless you have a thing about empty boxes.


What they sell: Empty Cardboard boxes mostly.

Likelihood of encountering an English speaking assistant: 100%

Technical knowledge of staff: 2/5

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