A walk down the Pader. the jpoc guide

You can start this walk from anywhere in the centre of Paderborn. Just find some water and follow it down stream. If you cannot find some water right away just walk downhill until you do.

Perhaps a better place to start is the point at which the river crosses under the Paderwall as from this point, you are walking in parkland all of the time.

The river flows through a landscape that varies from manicured grass and trees to artificial "wild nature." In the latter, if you keep your eyes open, you may see rabbits and pheasants as well as a variety of waterfowl and the occasional red squirrel, water rat and weasel or even large birds of prey.

Five minutes after you start, you must cross Fuerstenweg at a pedestrian crossing but apart form that, pedestrians are only sharing the path with ducks and bicycles. If you walk downstream, with the river on your right, you will eventually come to the Padersee about 15 minutes after you cross the road.

You can walk all around the lake, perhaps taking advantage of the children's play area or the lakeside bar. If you are feeling that this was all quite enough then you can simply turn back and retrace you footsteps back to town but if you would like to go further then read on.

Walk around the lakeside until you reach the point at which the Pader drains out and there you can take the path down either side of the river. This will take you under the main road and after anther couple of hundred metres, you will come to the next children's play area. Here the river splits in two again and, keeping the water on your left, you can continue downstream through a slightly wilder park. Here, you may even see the occasional stork as you walk though a sculpture park. There are lots of little paths to explore but, fundamentally, if you keep going downstream, you will finally arrive in Schloss Neuhaus a village-suburb just outside of town.

Well, it's taken you about an hour to get here so what next? There are a lot of bars, cafes and ice cream parlours in the centre of this village so I suggest that you have a well earned rest. You can catch a bus back to the centre of Paderborn. Either the 11, 1 or 8 will take you to Westerntor. For walking further, your only real alternatives are to retrace your steps or to walk onwards further down the river but eventually, you will end up having to turn around in the end.

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