Paderborn Lippstadt International Airport. the jpoc guide
Paderborn does have an airport. Well, sort of at least. The full name is Paderborn-Lippstadt International. Paderborn wanted to have an airport and so did Lippstadt. The authorities decided on a compromise. Neither city could have an airport but they would build one anyway out in the countryside so that you couldn't get to it from Paderborn or Lippstadt.

There is no station nearby and so the only to get there is to fly in or to go by road. Most people travel to the airport by car and there is at least plenty of free parking. The problem is that most of the parking is in a field on the other side of the main road. Part of the first couple of rows are marked and lit at night but the vast majority of the cars are parked in unnumbered rows in an unlit part of the field. So, if you get back at night you can have very hard time finding your car in the dark. Since Paderborn gets a lot of rain, you will be up to your ankes in mud or water too.

There is a bus but it seems to be considered to be a bit of a secret. At the airport, I once asked about the bus and the staff at the airport information desk told me that there was not one. There was but I had to find the stop myself. In the city, the bus departs from a bay which currently does not list the airport bus number on the signs for the bay and the bus drivers only show the number and the word "Flughafen" on the destination board as they are departing. The result is that very few people indeed catch the airport busses and presumably the statistics for this are logged to demonstrate that there is no demand for public transport to the airport.

If you study the bus timetables, you will be able to see that the last bus leaves the airport about twenty minutes after the last incoming flight arrives. That is cutting it fine to allow for retrieving your luggage let alone to cope with the sort of flight delays that almost always crop up by the end of the day.

The only real alternative for those who must use the airport is to stump up some hard cash for a taxi or one way hire car. A better alternative, used by most contractors with whom I worked in Paderborn, is to take the train to Dortmund, Duesselorf or Hanover and fly from there.

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