Ostermann cafe

The main Ostermann's cafe is centrally located in Marienplatz in the heart of Paderborn's shopping area. It also keeps longer opening hours than some of the nearby alternatives and it is clean smart and modern. It is also totally devoid of charm or character.

I do not want to lay on too much criticism here. It is not that it is bad. Indeed, the coffee, cakes etc are all fine and the staff will not be rude to you or anything like that. It's just that I'd not choose to go here if the Pluckebaum was open, I'd be sure to be there instead.

It has an inside and an outside area. The latter is in the middle of the square and is subject to heavy pedestrian traffic. Too much of it for my liking but obviously a lot of folks are happy to sit there.

Ostermann Cafe
Open weekdays 09:00-20:00, weekends 09:00-19:00

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