Restaurant Oriental Paderborn

We came here one weekend when we needed the option of a sugar free vegan lunch for one of our merry band. The menu included a number of vegetarian and vegan options so in we came.

The restaurant has indoor and outdoor sections. We chose the indoor option as outside was a little too close to the occasional car for my personal comfort. Initial impressions were not that great. There was a strange smell and a small cloud of flies arose lazily from our table. But, we were there and the menu itself was OK.

There was an English menu but the staff spoke only German. They were however very friendly and helpful and quickly took our order. The food was not so quick to arrive though and our party was having a pronounced mutter about this when it finally made an appearance.

I'm not enough of an expert on the cuisine of Asia Minor to know how authentic the dishes were but I can say, that all of the food was eaten and everyone confessed to being happy with what they had.

One good thing about this restaurant is that they are very welcoming to children and presented the junior member of our party with an assortment of sweets and gifts.

Expect to pay around fifteen Marks per person for a main course and a drink.

Will we go back? Yes. The food was good and the welcome friendly and it's a more interesting choice than a burger emporium if you need a lunch break in the middle of a shopping trip. I'd not choose it as a destination for an evening meal though. I'd much rather go across the road to the Sala Thai.

Restaurant Oriental Paderborn

Koenigstr 58

33098 Paderborn

05251 23244

Weekdays 12:00-15:00 & 17:30-23:30 (Closed Tuesday)

Weekends 12:00-24:00

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