English Newspapers and Magazines in Paderborn. the jpoc guide

You can buy a limited selection of English newspapers and magazines at the main railway station. Essentially, you will find the European editions of most of the British broadsheets that are printed in Frankfurt. They are available on the day of publication. You will not see any of the UK tabloids here though.

The station also carries a small number of English language magazines. These are targeted at Germans who want to read about, for example, British classic cars so the range that is available is limited.

One or two of the newsagents in the centre carry some English daily newspapers but they are generally two or three days out of date by the time that they make it onto the shelves.

By far the best supply comes from the British Forces facilities in the city. Newspapers and magazines are flown in daily and so you can buy the current issue of The Sun or whatever. Also, if you want, you can get the UK editions of the broadsheets. You may find that the latter are of more interest to you if you are only outside the UK for a short while. Permanent expats tend to prefer the European editions! You can also get a range of English magazines from this source. They stock the more popular titles but they can also order just about anything that you can find in Smiths in the UK.

There used to be an outlet for these in the centre of town but that has now closed and you will need to go to Uhlandstr which is on the outskirts of the town. The shop is in a building with a large Church Army sign on the front.

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