Virus Computer Paderborn


Am Westerntor 7d
33098 Paderborn
Tel: (05251) 29667 0
fax: (05251) 29667 2
Mo-Fr: 10-20 Uhr

Sa: 10-16 Uhr


Virus Computer sells mostly new components. You will also, on occasion, see some older bits and pieces and also they will no doubt furnish you with a built up system to your own requirements.

Their shop is close to the town centre in the area of Western Tor though it is on the wrong side of a busy junction. They also have a website and they attend the local computer shows with a big table full of tempting goodies.

I do wonder a little about the choice of name. Virus Computer is not really a very politically correct name give the damage caused by recent virus outbreaks. Now, I don't say that the shop is run by evil hackers but I do wonder what sort of people would choose the name. Have they so little knowledge of the industry that they do not worry that it may put off some customers? But, perhaps I'm wrong and they, and their customers are just so exquisitely hip that it is an in joke.

Shopping experience

I've bought a few simple things like network cables and shrink wrapped PCI sound cards. Nothing was wrong with those and I was happy with the product and the price. But then not much can go wrong with those things. A friend bought a case, mobo and processor and had no end of trouble getting it all to work. In the end it seemed to be a problem with a dodgy PSU in the case but it took the shop a long time to get replacement items etc. As a result, I'm happy to buy simple stuff there but not more expensive items.


What they sell: Mostly unbranded PCs and assorted components.

Likelihood of encountering an English speaking assistant: 50%

Technical knowledge of staff: 1/5

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