The Cineplex cinema in Paderborn. the jpoc guide

The Cineplex is right in the centre of Paderborn. There is very little on-street parking in the area so, if you come by car, you should head for one of the town centre multi-storey car parks. It's better to come by bus if you can as the cinema is only a minute's walk from the main bus station. English language films are shown on weekday evenings starting at five thirty or six depending on the length of the film.

Generally, they show one film per week though the week's programme schedule runs from Thursday to Wednesday so in a given calendar week there will be two different films to see.

Often, during school holidays, they show no English films at all. I'm not sure if that is because they expect to fill all of the rooms with German customers or because half of the English audience takes their kids back to Blighty on army leave. Tickets cost about ten marks per person which is not bad and you are assigned a numbered seat. When we go, early in the week, the room is mostly empty and they issue tickets for the seats in the very centre of the room which is the best place to sit for the sound.

The seats are adequate but they are not as good as the Kinepolis in Brussels. The sound and picture quality are adequate but again not up to the standards of the worlds largest and finest cinema by the Heysel stadium (I'm just teasing you on your geography I am still referring to the Kinepolis in Brussels.)

The biggest problem is that the Cineplex is rubbish at publicity. They will publish a flyer and poster showing all English films for (say) Feb and March but it will not be issued until the third week in Feb so you miss the first three films.

Cineplex, Kinopassage, Westernstrasse 34 Paderborn.

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