The Name Munich: a few words

The English call the city Munich and that is the name that I have decided to use on my website. The Germans call it Munchen where the 'u' has an umlaut (that's two small dots above the letter.) The reason that I did not put the umlaut in myself is not that I am technically lame but that browsers and character enodings vary and I cannot be certain that everyone reading the page will have their browser set to render German codings rather than, for example, Turkish, Russian or Greek.

If you need to write the correct name of the city in the German form then, without an umlaut, you can write Muenchen. It is a widely accepted convention that a vowel with an umlaut may be shown in pure ASCII characters as that vowel followed by an 'e' thus Muenchen, Spaehen, Kuehl etc.

My final word on the subject is to point out that the Italians call the city Monaco.

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