English books, newspapers and magazines in Munich

There are many places in Munich to buy English reading material. As usual, the main station, or Hauptbahnhof is a good place to start and there you are almost spoilt for choice.

The other big station, the Ostbahnhof also has a shop selling a range of English newspapers and magazines. There are two newsagents in the Ostbahnhof and the one the stocks foreign material is the one near to the Deutsche Bahn ticket sales office. Just follow the signs for DB in the subsurface level and you will find it.

Most of the newspaper kiosks in the centre of the city sell one or two English newpapers but away from the centre, you will be lucky to find anything apart from at the airport. There, you will find a large newsagents in the public side. Again they carry a good range of English language newspapers and magazines but no books. If you are flying from Munich, you will find that some of the gate waiting areas have newspaper stands with a limited choice of English publications but some of the newer airside areas have nothing.

As for books, besides the shop in the Hauptbahnhof, there are two main places to go in the city centre. Pele's Computer Bookshop on Schillerstr sells, of course, computer books and about half of the books in stock are in English. On Karlsplatz, next to McDonald's is the Hugendubel bookshop. This is a large modern shop with plenty of areas to sit while you look at the books on offer. On the ground floor, at the back, they have a large selection of general interest English language books. Upstairs, in the computer department, you will again find that about half of the stock is made of up English language editions. Also on the first floor, there is a fair sized selection of English SF books.

There are a number of other bookshops outside the city centre, mostly around the university. Several of those carry English books and I will write a guide to those in the near future.

Finally, of you like that sort of thing, I am told that Beate Uhse on Kaufingerstr has a selection of English language adult magazines.

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