Munich: The jpoc city guide

Along with Frankfurt, Munich is the main German destination for English speaking IT contractors. Frankfurt is Germany's finacial centre and of course, the work there is mostly in the finance and banking sectors. Munich is ranked with Sophia Antipolis and Cambridge as one of Europe's top locations for high tech industries. There are, as a result, many opportunities for contractors with skills in real time, embedded or technical areas.

The city itself is large, prosperous and packed full of interesting things to do and see ranging from wonderful museums to the ski slopes on the Alps which are visible from the city on clear days.

The city is home, on a temporary or permanent basis to a large ex-pat community. In short it is a very cosmopolitan city and an excellent place in which to get a feel for life outside your home country.

You will note that this section of the site is a long way from being a comprehensive guide. Although I've spent quite a lot of time in Munich in the past, I've only recently moved back and so I've not been writing about Munich before. Check back for lots more information about the city.

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