English books, newspapers and magazines in the Munich Hauptbahnhof

On the surface level, on the concourse where the mainline trains come in, is the main international newspaper shop. You can get the current day's copy of all of the main English papers. Some of those, such as the FT, will be in the European editions.

You can also get a huge range of other foreign newspapers and magazines there. Almost anything that you will see in a medium sized W.H.Smiths is available albeit delayed by up to a week and with a substantial price markup. There is also a good selection of American magazines and some material in other languages. They sell books too. The main selection is in English but there are also books in French and other languages. The selection of English language books is quite good and, while you will most likely need to go elsewhere if you are looking for something in particular, pretty well anyone will find something of interest.

Leave the international papershop and turn right and then almost immediately right again and you will come to another branch of the same business that sells technical magazines and books. A lot of what they sell is in German but there are a fair number of English magazines covering computing, cars, flying and similar subjects.

Below this level is another large concourse with a couple of newspaper shops. The one that is adjacent to the main S-Bahn entrance and the toilets stocks a few English newspapers and magazines. Mostly they sell German material but if you just want a paper and you are travelling on the S-Bahn or U-Bahn, then this shop will save you a trip up to the street level.

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