Where to buy Blue Stilton in Munich
While the residents of Munich are not exactly spoilt for choice, the good news is that there are at least two places in the town which will sell you some Blue Stilton.

If you are in the area of the Hauptbahnhof, you can head for the Hertie department store. They have two basements there, the shop being on two blocks with an interconnection over the upper floors only. The basement in the end closest to the Hauptbahnhof has a food hall in it and when I have gone there, there has always been plenty of Blue Stilton on sale.

The second possibility is in the Viktualen Markt which is close to the Marienplatz station. There are two or three stands there that specialise in cheese and you will usually be able to find some Blue Stilton on at least one of them. My personal preference would be to go to Hertie though as on occasion nobody in the Viktualen Markt actually has any Blue Stilton for sale.

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