Kiel: The JPOC city guide
Kiel is situated on the Eastern coast of the German part of the Juttland peninsular. That puts it on the Western end of the Baltic. It is a port city and ferries run from Kiel to several countries around the Baltic or in other parts of Scandinavia. There are not so many ferries since the closure of duty free sales led to the curtailment of the German booze cruise industry.

The city looks to the East rather than to the West and so, for example, you will see that the newsagent at the main station sells a wide range of Russian newspapers but not the Frankfurt edition of the Financial Times. Indeed, it may be the largest station in Germany not to have that newspaper on sale.

The town has a very large Hertie just opposite the station and it seems to be the largest branch of the chain not to sell Blue Stilton so there you have two reasons not to visit the city.

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