Hannover: The jpoc city guide

Hannover is one of Germany's most historic cities. (You remember the Hannoverians and all that from school history lessons don't you?) In modern times, Hannover feels very proud and self important as a result of hosting the German 2000 expo: a prestigious disaster that easily matched the Millenium Dome in the white elephant stakes.

This is reflected in the attitude of the town to visitors. Most cities feel that they are privileged to receive visitors who come along and spend money and support local businesses. Not so in Hannover where visitors are seen as a convenient target for rip offs. By way of example, compare Munich and Hannover. Take the family to Munich on a "happy weekend" rail ticket and you can use it to travel around the city or even out to the airport. Try the same to Hannover? We did and, on account of some special exhibition (aka excuse for another rip off) the discounted rail ticket was valid in all of Germany apart from within about forty km of Hannover. Even if you can get to the city at another time, the discount ticket does not work on Hannover's local transport.

As far as work opportunities goes, Hannover is not really a centre of high tech though, in the city and in the surrounding towns, there are a few opportunities for IT contractors. They tend to come up only via specialist agents with a presence in Germany though. Do take care too when you are told that a contract is in Hannover. The last time that a German based agency said that to me, they were talking about a small, hard to get to town that was 90km away to the North East.

There are clearly a fair number of Anglophones in the town as the Station sells some English papers and has a selection of English books that is almost as good as some small rail station shops in the UK.

As a tourist destination, there are a number of attractions and restaurants to keep you happy and take your money.

If you are into that sort of thing, you will be happy to hear that Hannover has one of the most garishly in your face sex trade districts in all of Europe.

Restaurants: Eat, Drink and be Merry!

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