Hanging out the washing
It's not uncommon to see a rule to the effect that, you may only hang washing out on the balcony of it cannot be seen from outside. I have seen this rule in a couple of apartments and also, I've seen places with a rule against hanging out the washing on a Sunday.

The simple approach is to keep an eye on what your neighbours do and follow suit. Often, you will find that the building has a communal area for hanging up the washing. Perhaps in the cellar or in the loft space. I've never had any problems with this but perhaps that's because I always have rubbish clothing. A friend was pretty upset when her expensive designer jeans went walkies while they were hanging up to dry in her building's laundry room.

Cleaning outside your apartment
It's not unusual to find that you are required to perform some cleaning duties in your building from time to time.

It is quite common to find that you are responsible for cleaning the stairs from your floor down to the one below on a weekly basis. For this reason, I recommend that you live on the top floor as the sairs there rarely get dirty. :-)

Finally, you may find that a scheme called Kehrwoche operates in your building. In this case, one person is responsible each week for the cleaning. That will involve perhaps all the stairs and the windows in the stair well. Plus, the nicest job of all, cleaning out all the rubbish bins! Yes, I mean washing them with hot soapy water.

Some friends told me of the scheme in their building. The person who washed the bin would leave it outside, on display, for the other people in the building to see and approve! In that building, they had a big sign labelled Kehrwoche and it would be stuck on the door of the person currently on duty. So that everyone in the building would know where to go to complain if things were dirty!

When it snows
The most important thing to know about is what to do when it snows. I promise you this. Somebody is legally responsible for removing the snow and ice from the footpath outside your building. If that person fails to do so then there is a good chance that they will be prosecuted or sued if there is an accident. There is also a good chance that the person concerned is you. You must find out and, if it is your duty then you should clear the snow as soon as it falls.
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