English Language Movies or Films in Germany
Normally, foreign films shown in Germany are dubbed into German and so the choice of films at the cinema and in the original language is limited. Also, because of this, it is rare that there will be a subtitled print available so the films that are shown in English are usually shown without German subtitles. That is a shame because it limits the potential audience for these films and also it means that you do not get to learn German by listening to the English and reading the subtitles.

Most towns will have one or more cinemas showing a limited selection of films in English but they are usually on at inconvenient times of the day. I guess that the cinemas do not want to show an English film to a limited audience when they could sell more tickets for a German dubbed version.

DVDs are also available to buy or to rent but you need to be careful. In principle, a German market DVD will be region 2 encoded and you would expect this to be available with soundtrack and subtitles in all of the normal region 2 languages, including English. I have looked at the DVDs on sale in several shops though and I have seen many disks that were made with only a German soundtrack so be careful.

Unless you look in big, internationally minded cities such as Munich, you will rarely see a video for sale in the original language version. You will however see a small selection of English language tapes for rent in the larger rental outlets even in small towns.

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