Le Bistrot, Guingamp

I had to wait a while for a meeting and the Creperie St Yves was closed for the day so I came here.

The restaurant is located in a traditional Breton building. That means stone walls, exposed timbers and the like. Everything else was painted a lively shade of haricot vert!

My first impression was that the staff were not so friendly. They would not allow me to sit at one of the empty tables and I had to double up but my fellow diners were so impressed by my table manners that they soon left.

I had eggs mayonnaise followed by filet mignon in cheese sauce. The menu was pretty much chips with everything and there was a big plastic bag in the kitchen area labelled "chips" I suppose that at least it keep things simple.

The food was good enough. I was not transported in the realms of paradise but I liked what they served to me. You will have no complaints on that front as long as you like chips. The quantities were adequate, certainly afterwards I was no longer hungry and I had not even had any breakfast that day!

The coffee that I had afterwards was drinkable too but there was no choice of beans and I'd have liked to see the option of some real Italian roast.

All in all, it was OK and I did not regret my choice but, had the nearby Creperie St Yves been open, I'd have been there.

Mon-Sat lunchtimes and Fri-Sat evenings.

02 96 43 96 52

Rue St Yves, Guingamp

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