FIAT Punto y2K model year ride and handling.

In general the ride was pretty good. It was comfortable though not sufficiently damped. There was a lot of bouncing around after a bump. There was one really weak spot though. Transverse ridges, such as badly aligned expansion joints on the autobahn were not at all well dealt with at speed. One actually caused me real pain as I received a substantial blow to the base of my spine.

The handling was fine though the ultimate roadholding limit was not so high as in some other cars in this class. The car is safe, steady and well poised. Even lifting off the power in mid corner did nothing to unsettle things. A wail, rather than a scream from the tyres warns of the approach of the limit and the line widens but the attitude stays close to neutral.

The much vaunted city mode power steering feature was a little too twitchy for my liking and so I'd only really want to use it when parking. My current daily driver, a 14 year old Honda Accord, does this a lot better. At parking speeds, you get full assistance for finger light wheel twiddling but this is reduced as the speed builds so that you get feel once under way. All without a silly button on the dash!

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