FIAT Punto y2K model year jpoc puts his foot down.

The car suffers from high gearing. Really, it is much too high. On the autobahn, becoming momentarily baulked could mean that you might be forced to drop down not one or two but three ratios to get enough pick up to keep pace with the rest of the traffic.
The result is that, while the car can reach a reasonable speed, it takes a very long time to get there. The car will manage a fair range on a tankful, the warning light came on at just past 500km and I managed almost 40mpg for a fast trip cross country and autobahn trip with a full load on the return half.
In the lower speed ranges, a problem with the transmission became evident. The gearchange and clutch were OK but driveline shunt meant that it was very hard to drive smoothly at low speed. Get into the all too familiar halt and crawl forwards of a busy motorway and it is very hard indeed to maintain smooth progress. Better just hope that the passengers have strong neck muscles or a high pain threshold.

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