FIAT Punto y2K model year jpoc gets inside.

The seats were comfortable and the driving position was fine. After a total of five hours at the wheel, I felt great. A left foot rest in just the right place helped a lot too. The ventilation was also good, there was no problem to keep cool on a hot day.

The newest Punto is also a very quiet car indeed. Even at speed on the autobahn, it is no problem to hold a conversation.

I was very impressed by the quality of the instruments. They were both easy to read and attractive to look at. Also, the layout was such that there were none of those irritating velocities at which the speedo or rev counter needle obscures the odometer or trip meter. Ease of use was less apparent in the trip computer however.

I failed to work out how to tune the radio to the desired frequency. The only option seemed to be to turn it on and allow it to find a station or to flip to a different one. That's little use if you specifically want to tune to a weaker signal. Also, the radio is one of an increasing number of moulded in and dedicated to the job units. This means that changing to one of your own choosing is not so simple.

There was no bottle holder so the coke had to roll about on the floor which did not please me. There was however, plenty of space for stashing little odds and ends away.

Lift the hatchback and the boot would take two large cases along with other bits and pieces.

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