New Astra hatchback. 1.6 Year 2001 model year a jpoc road test.

Ride and Handling

This car rides and handles very well indeed. Flat out on the autobahn, it tracks truly and faithfully holds your chosen line. At the same time, it shrugs off anything that the road surface throws up to try and unsettle it. Around town as well, you will never feel the need to adjust course to avoid urban pockmarks of ill fitting manhole covers.

On country roads the car really does a fine job. On minor roads that rarely see any repair work this car does a good job and it is not put off it's cornering line by assorted holes and bumps.

As mentioned above, the driving position was appalling but the ride was very comfortable and never did I feel that I was being jared by road surface irregularities.

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Inside Dark and gloomy
Performance & Economy Adequate but no more
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