New Astra hatchback. 1.6 Year 2001 model year a jpoc road test.

Performance and Economy

Adequate is the word here. Adequate but no more. Joining an Autobahn calls for maximum revs in all of the lower gears if you are to merge smoothly with the flow of traffic. The reason is simple. In top gear, the car really struggles to gain momentum. Again, this means that, if you are baulked by slower traffic, it will be sometime before you are able to regain your normal cruising speed.

The car will cruise happily for hours at 130kph but, if you go much faster than this, you will be constantly distracted by the plunging fuel gauge. If you keep to that speed, you will manage 600km on tankful which is tolerable.

Around town, things are OK. Here of course, performance is not so much an issue as the qualities of the driveline and it is easy to maintain smooth progress even when you are going quite slowly. The gearshift and clutch were OK and there was no real driveline shunt.

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Inside Dark and gloomy
Handling & Ride Not bad at all
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