Jerry Pournelle: Exiles to Glory. A jpoc book review.

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Seven out of ten.

A thoroughly readable space romp.

My review

Set on Earth, on a spaceship and in the asteroid belt, this is a straight up space adventure tale. The main protagonist, Kevin Senecal, is a college student forced to flee Earth. Working as a miner in the asteroid belt Senecal becomes mixed up in a plot involving vast riches, political intrigue and a beautiful girl.

Given the nature of the story and the protagonists, this book will appeal mostly to late teen and early twenties readers.

It is a well written and fast paced story. While not quite in the "read in one sitting" category it is a compelling read. The characters are all fairly well constructed given that the requirements for this type of story are not exactly strict.

If you like this book, of course, you should check out the author's other works but also have a look at the novels by Larry Niven. if you want something in the same style but with more substance try the collaborations between Niven and Pournelle.