Interzone Issue 160 October 2000
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Bayley, Barrington J.: "The Worms of Hess"
Set on a planet with three isolated island continents, intelligent life, of different species, evolves independently on each. Each island has a humanoid species but one is infested with super intelligent worms which aim to dominate all life on the planet. 6/10

Williams, Liz: "The Blood Thieves"
Set on Iceland in the wake of the real life contract for a medical research company to create a database of the genetic makeup of the people of Iceland this tale tells of the reaction of the other inhabitants of the Island. Those from the land of faery. 6/10

Zivkovic, Zoran: "The Bookshop"
A man who owns an SF bookshop and who sometimes writes SF receives a strange visitor one day. The visitor claims to be an alien who also writes SF and who was drawn to the shop because the owner was writing SF about the visitor's own world. 7/10

Beckett, Chris: "Snapshots of Apirania"
This story is told as a monologue by a holiday photo bore as he shows off his latest snaps. The difference is that the pictures of from another planet that he visited. The author uses this technique to give a description of life on this planet. No story, just a description. 3/10

Dunyach, Jean-Claude: "Orchids in the Night"
Set in France near the end of the nineteenth century, this horror fantasy has Conan Doyle on the trail of a Pterodactyl which is fascinated by an opera singer. 6/10