Douglas Adams: Mostly Harmless
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You can buy this novel on its own from cover
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Six out of ten.
If you are interested in this, I suggest that you buy the omnibus edition which contains all of the five main novels plus (in the non-UK editions) a bonus short story.
This is the final novel in the Hitch-Hiker's series and Douglas Adams clearly set out to wind it all up. In a way, it seems to have been one book too many as it is pretty obvious that the author is striving to identify all of the loose ends and tie them down. Having said that, if you like Adams' sense of humour, you will certainly enjoy this book which sees Arthur Dent, Trillian and her and Arthur's daughter make a final return to the Earth.

On the way, Arthur is as usual faced with all sorts of weirdness which he seems to muddle though in his normal style. It all gets a little hackneyed when he meets Elvis singing in an obscure spaceport bar but while it is not as good as the fourth book in the series it does come with the inestimable merit of finally putting an end to the whole Hitch-Hiker's saga.