Douglas Adams: The Galaxy's Chief Hitch-Hiker
Douglas Adams is of course best known as the creator of "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" which started out as a hugely popular radio series in the UK and then appeared as a TV series and a set of books, CDs, a computer game etc. Beyond the guide, Adams wrote other fiction, most noteably the Dirk Gently duo and a travel cum nature book in the style of Gerald Durrell. Beyond his more obvious works, he is given writing credits for "additional material" on other BBC Radio 4 comedy shows such as "The Burkiss Way" and he suggested the idea for the title of Pink Floyd's "Division Bell" album. He even appeared on stage with them, playing guitar at one of their 1994 Earls Court shows. We lost his talent at an early age and so we have to make do with the limited body of work that remains.

There has been some degree of controversy over the originality of some of his work and if you dig around in the works of authors such as Sheckley and Lem you will come across a number of ideas that later turned up in the "Guide". However, the way that Adams put everything together and made it into a flowing whole as a radio series was something else and nobody had ever even come close to that concept before.

One final word, the "Guide" works best as a radio series. It is still repeated by the BBC from time to time and you can also buy it on CD and audio cassette.

Hitch-Hiker's Guide Series
The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Approximately, the first radio series
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Again, approximately, the second radio series
Life the Universe and Everything The first book that goes beyond the radio series
So Long and Thanks for all the Fish Arthur Dent finds love
Mostly Harmless Arthur Dent finds his daughter!
Young Zaphod Plays it Safe Bonus short story or milking the cash cow?
Other Hitch-Hiker's Material
Original Radio Scripts Scripts (not exactly as broadcast) and some production notes
Other Books
Last Chance to See Travel, natural history book
The Meaning of Liff Silly dictionary
Starship Titanic Not actually by DA but based on his idea for a computer game
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