R.D.Lang: Knots

Don't get involved with anyone who takes this stuff seriously.

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Three out of ten.

Don't waste your time.


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My Review

Knots is a collection of short pieces on the subject of relationships. Perhaps they are poems, perhaps they are aphorisms or perhaps they are just word games.

Jill is worried that Jack is unhappy that Jill is reading this book.

Jill thinks that perhaps Jack is insecure and she thinks that Jack is worried that she is dissatisfied with the relationship.

Jill resents that Jack's insecurities mean that she has to be afraid of what she is allowed to read.

Well that is an example of the style of the book. The reality is that Jack is worried that his team has an important match coming up and one of their star players has a strained hamstring.

Yes, this is not much of a book. It's very slim, most of the pages are more than half empty and there is little merit in what is written.