Ben White: The 100 Best Ways to Stay Together

Short and to the point but a little too simplistic.

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JPOC Rating

Five out of ten.

I suppose that it's OK if you can only read checklists.

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My Review

This book falls into the "magic rules for success" family of relationship enhancing books. No explanation of why things work or suggestions as to how to relate to them or build them into your life. Just a list of a hundred ideas for enhancing a marriage.

This is a slim, small format book and even that disguises it's size. Ninety percent of the pages contain typically only about a dozen words each.

The key question has to be, how good are the one hundred tips in this book and how well can they be put to use? When faced with that question, this book does not perform particularly well. It will take you about an hour to read this book and, if you spent that time with a couple of chapters of one of the many John Gray Mars-Venus books, you would absorb more useful information.

Perhaps this book would help someone who strongly prefers to get their information from lists but even then, you must be prepared to spend time working out what questions are posed by this list and then answering the questions.

This book will not rescue a struggling relationship, it is perhaps of most use to those starting out in a new relationship as a checklist of things that you automatically do in the early days which you need to remember to keep on doing.