Doubled and Venerable by Terence Reese & David Bird

The third in the series of books about the Bridge playing Monks of the St.Titus monastery maintains the high standards.

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Another gem from Reese and Bird romps to an easy ten out of ten. This series is my favourite Bridge humour.

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My Review

This is the third book in the Monks of St.Titus Bridge series. As with the earlier works, the book follows the exploits of the Bridge playing monks in England and also, it picks up on the adventures of their missionary outpost in Africa. As usual, the format concentrates on play rather than on bidding. Rather than being presented as pure puzzles, the play unfolds in a narrative style. This is doubly useful. There is an opportunity to treat each hand as a not too serious double dummy problem but also, it is quite possible to just follow the narrative and allow the authors to expose the solution.

A book such as this can be quite dry but the characters and situations spice things up with a good degree of wit. Even if you have read none of the other books in the series you will quickly become familiar with the characters and their foibles. This levening explains why these books are able to appeal to readers with a range of abilities from beginners so callow as to present this reviewer with an opportunity for victory up to those who deign to partner me once a year as a special favour.

The authors are to be commended on one matter in particular. The books in this series lose none of their sparkle even after you have read all of them more than once. They are very good indeed.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book for any bridge player and it would also make a great present for any bridge playing friend.

Very funny, a great read.