Macarthur Job: Air Disaster Volume 1

Clear, definitive and not sensationalist.

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Nine out of ten.

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This book is a collection of descriptions of 18 jetliner accidents from the Comet accidents of the mid fifties to the Tenerife disaster of the late seventies.

The book is written from an Australian perspective which is no bad thing as this eliminates any US or European centred view that is common in many other books on civil aviation.

Each incident is dealt with in three phases. First of all, a fairly broad brush, non technical narrative of what appeared to take place.Then there follows a detailed technical description of what is known of the accident. Finally, the author turns all of this into a clear exposition of what actually, or probably, happened.

The writing style is clear and there is a lucid explanation of the facts. This is not a ghoulish or sensational account. The author is trying to explain what actually went wrong to cause each accident. I could see no technical or factual errors in these accounts, just a few typos and mis-spellings of some place names.

Those do not detract from the quality of the book and this series is clearly the best that deals with these topics.